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Japanese Knotweed is an invasive non-native weed. It is found mainly in urban areas, where it is considered a nuisance because plants re-growing can come up through gaps in flooring in conservatories and patios


If you have Japanese Knotweed on your property, or if there is Japanese knotweed close to your property, we can help you make a claim and deal with the issue on your behalf. We have a team of experts who make the whole clam process smooth as possible.

  1. Japanese knotweed has spread onto your land because another landowner hasn’t controlled it on their land. (neighbour or a company).
  2. If you buy a property and the seller does not tell or notify you before buying it that there is a Knotweed growing problem. you may be entitled to making a claim.
  3. When you are buying a property which had Knotweed growing problem and when the buyers survey was carried out the surveyor failed to note down that problem. You will be able to make a claim against the surveyor.