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If you are making a housing disrepair claim against your landlord for boiler or heating system issues, you should be made aware of the rights you have as a tenant to a property providing safe, reliable heating for you and those you live with.

Generally speaking, your landlord is required by law to make sure you have access to hot water, within an agreed timeframe of course.

If your landlord is refusing to cover the costs of repairing a serious heating issue, especially if this lack of heating has caused illness, you will be able to make a compensation claim through us.


Because some boiler and central heating repairs will naturally take longer than others, you will need to be mindful of whether the landlord has given an expected timeframe for the work to be done.

For example, if your landlord has had a quote for repair and they’ve said it will take three days for someone to come out and fix it, you wouldn’t be able to make a claim within that timeframe.

The types of typical heating problems include:

  • Leak from boiler pipes
  • Boiler making odd creaking or banging noises
  • Boiler keeps turning off before the water gets hot
  • There is no hot water and radiators remain cold

If you believe that the timeframe has been exceeded and that the repair doesn’t look like it’s going to be made or covered in cost by the landlord, you would likely be able to start making a claim.

We understand the discomfort and inconvenience that comes with a faulty heating system, especially during the cold months. If you’re a tenant suffering from heating issues that your landlord has failed to address, you may be entitled to compensation. Our expert team is dedicated to helping you exercise your rights and secure the compensation you deserve. Remember, a warm home is not a luxury, it’s your right. Let us help you make your claim today.


It is your entitlement to an acceptable level of heating in your rented property if it worked fine when you moved in, so there are a few steps you can take to ensure that a claim has the most chance of being successful if you need to make one.

Once the timeframe given by the landlord has elapsed, you can try the following methods of communication to see if you can make any headway:

  • Write a letter to your landlord and request a firm date that your heating will be fixed by
  • If you get no response, you can complain to your local Environmental Health Department, however it is possible for the landlord to refute it is their issue or blame you for the problem (even if it wasn’t your fault)

Once you have exhausted the options above, it is probably time to make a claim for compensation against your landlord for failing to fix your heating system or hot water within an adequate timeframe.

Make your housing disrepair claim with our expert guidance today!